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If you are a cushion lover, like us, you’ll simply LOVE this store ❤️

I don’t know about you, but I’m fascinated about everything related to home decoration and how this can have a real impact on us, on how we feel and how it can positively help us get through the day!

Because it’s not just about decoration…

It’s about feel lighter, feel good, feel productive.

That is how having a clean and decorated space, whether in your home or office, can help you improve your well-being. (and I promise, this is not a maniatic person’s talk 😄, it’s scientifically proved)

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Why I Decided To Create This Store..

First of all, I’m so excited that you are interested in know a little bit about our store, (and when I say “our”, I really mean, mine and yours 😉), anyway..

My name is Laura, I’m 27 and a simple home decoration lover!

I created this online store to help people like us decorate their homes and give a fresher air  in their spaces, whether is a living room, bedroom or even their home offices..

Because what happen is.. many often people want to make some changes in their homes to give a fresh look to their spaces, but the reality is, it’s not cheap to make a decoration, depending in what kind of change you want to do..

But there is some small changes we can do that can make a lot of difference in the visual of our home.

And one of these small changes, can be made by using our favorite product.. (guess?) Yeah, you’re right!

Cushion Covers 😃

But... Why Cushion Covers?

Because cushion covers are versatile, beautiful, cozy and they have a very reasonable price!

You can have a collection of cushion covers from different colors, materials and designs.

So, using the same cushions, you can keep changing the covers and have different possibilities in what kind of design or color you want to use at the moment.

Another reason we love cushion covers is because we can find cheap covers and that is a cost smaller than buying a new furniture or paint the wall for example, don’t you think? 

I love how many possibilities and combinations we can make using just cushion covers in our living room or bedroom!

Last but not least, cushion covers are a really great way to transform your home in a cozy space where you can feel good and relax.. 😇

Our Way of Work..

Now that you already understand our passion for these small things that can transform any living room, I want to explain you how this website works and how you can use it..

At the moment we are working with amazon affiliate from UK, this means that we select the best cushion covers from Amazon to help you find the perfect cushion cover you are looking for!

So when you click on a product, you’ll be redirected to the amazon website in the page of the product you selected, so you can see more detailed informations about the product and its shipping.

And when you buy this product, we receive a small percentage of the purchase. This helps to finance our website so we can create more content about home decoration, tips and tricks, which we publish on our blog 🙂